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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Cover Image
ISBN: 9780060736262
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Published: Harper Perennial - February 2005

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a beautiful coming of age story about a young girl growing up in early 20th century Brooklyn, New York.  Each chapter is a snapshot of Francie Nolan and her family's lives as they deal with life in the slums of Brooklyn.  Despite some of the heavier topics, such as grief, sexism, and poverty, this is an uplifting read because of the positivity Francie manages to bring into every senario.  More character driven than plot based, this book had me connecting with the characters on a deeper level than most.  Now one of my favorite books, this story of a beautifully flawed family taking life as it comes, is worth picking up!

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The Ocean at the End of the Lane Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062255662
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: William Morrow & Company - June 3rd, 2014

Written by bestselling author Neil Gaiman, this book is perfect if you're looking for something different.  The story centers around a man remembering a summer from his childhood, and all the stange events that transpired.  The neighbor girl who believes her pond is an ocean, a nanny who may not be what she seems, and a slew of strange and magical happenings makes this 178 page book a fast paced read that you can finish in no time.

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The Night Circus Cover Image
ISBN: 9780307744432
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Anchor Books - July 3rd, 2012

With a vividly magical setting, reading The Night Circus is, as cliché as it sounds, like dreaming with eyes open.  This novel not only switches perspectives, but moves around in time as well.  It is centered around (but not focused only on) two magicians, Marco and Celia, who have been bound by a duel that is not their own, and the Night Circus is their arena.  With a vast array of characters from a contortionist to a master clockmaker, a forbidden love, and twists at every corner, this perfectly crafted story will always have readers intrigued.

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The Old Man and the Sea Cover Image
ISBN: 9780684801223
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Scribner Book Company - May 5th, 1995

This classic story centers around an old fisherman and his final journey.  Narrated through the old man's stream of conciousness as he chases the biggest marlin he's ever seen, this book gives a wonderful perspective on perserverance and strength of all kinds. 

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Fangirl Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250030955
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: St. Martin's Griffin - September 10th, 2013

This book is a perfect read for anyone bookish or introverted.  The main character, Cath, has just started her freshman year of college, and she would rather hide in her dorm, surviving on granola bars, than find the cafeteria.  Her awkwardness makes her a character just about anyone can relate to, and of course, Rainbow Rowell has written her into an adorable romance.  A book about friendship and family (with some Harry Potter-esque fanfiction written by Cath herself), it's a funny, lighthearted, and charming read.

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The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate Cover Image
ISBN: 9780312659301
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Square Fish - January 4th, 2011

Calpurnia Tate has six brothers.  This doesn't prove easy when you're an eleven year old girl in 1899 and would rather be looking at slides under a microscope than learning how to sew.  Taking her Grandfather on as a mentor, Calpurnia explores the natural world around her, raising questions at anything and everything.  This book deals with sexism in a very readable way for younger readers, while also offering a fun perspective on life at the end of the 19th century, a time when automobiles and a telephone in town are all the rage.

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The Outsiders Cover Image
ISBN: 9780140385724
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Published: Puffin Books - September 1988

This classic centers around a teen gang in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the 1960's.  Narrated by Ponyboy, it explores the themes of friendship, family, and loss as we learn about the relationships between boys who have been left with only each other to count on.  Despite being far removed from the situations these characters are put in, I've very rarely read a narrator that was so relatable.  I was laughing and crying the whole way through!