Book Groups

Books & Company hosts three book groups open to the community:

-Afternoon Book Group

-P.R.A.D.A.S (People Reading And Discussing Adolescent Stories)

-Mystery Book Group


We also support over 50 private book groups with their monthly selection shelved on the book group shelf. 
If your book group is registered with us, we offer 15% off of the book group title.  To register your book group, just let us know what your book group name is and what you're reading, as well as a contact name for the group. As long as we have an updated list of your books, we will have them on the book group shelf in the store and listed on our website.
Books & Company hosts two Book Group celebrations a year, as well as book talks for your book group. To set up a book talk for your book group with a bookseller, please email
We have a monthly book group newsletter that is emailed. If you want to sign up for the newsletter, send us an email or give a bookseller your name and email.