College Life 501: Post-Grad Management (Paperback)

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When Alexandra Chisolm, Chasity Parker, Malajia Simmons, Sidra Howard, and Emily Harris graduated Paradise Valley University five years ago, they thought that life would be smooth sailing. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Sidra has settled into her life in California; she graduated law school, has a job, and even goes on an occasional date. However, while she convinces herself that she is content, she is still plagued with thoughts of the man she walked away from five years ago. That, paired with working for a company that is no longer challenging her, Sidra realizes that true contentment, is something she has yet to feel.

Wife to her college sweetheart and mother to their daughter, Chasity finally has the makings of a happy life. But between the stresses of a job that she hates, and being faced with her insecurities as a mother, Chasity begins to wonder if she'll ever be completely happy. Being a stay-at-home wife isn't something that Malajia thought she'd ever be. However, after giving birth to her twin sons, it has become her reality. But for this former party girl, chasing after two active three-year old's all day, every day, is starting to wear thin. She's not sure how long she can keep this up before she loses it.

Emily is in the throes of wedding planning, excited to spend the rest of her life with her fianc . But when the behavior of certain family members threatens to put a damper on her big day, Emily must find a way to salvage her nuptial plans and her sanity. Alex is loving her life. So much so, that it hardly bothers her that she's single. However, when she runs into an old flame, she quickly realizes that being single is no longer what she wants. But upon learning a certain detail about her interest's life, Alex questions if her ideal relationship will ever become a reality.

Life after college has had its ups and downs for these women, and now it seems that during this chapter in their lives, the downs are hitting them like a ton of bricks. Between life-threating accidents, hurtful arguments, and life-changing decisions, these friends realize that even though they're no longer in school, this semester of life is definitely in session.

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ISBN: 9781737427902
ISBN-10: 1737427907
Publisher: Jessyca Vample Publishing
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2021
Pages: 788
Language: English
Series: College Life