Afghan War 2021 (Paperback)

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On September 11. 2001 invaded Afghanistan. The Taliban government refused to hand over 'Osama bin Laden' whom the United States deemed responsible for 9/11 attacks. The War is traced from then till the end of 2021. George W. Bush was President, he was instrumental in this decision. Causalities in the 20-year War some 176,000. 46,000 civilians, 2,420 US, and 3.576 coalition. Cost $8 trillion. On October 7. 2021 the War officially ended. In 2001 there were 45,000 Taliban, in 2021, 90,000 and 50,000 support elements. The poem also has current events of 2021, and authors life.

STEPHEN SWEIGART is retired and works part time, after working forty years full time. He wrote a number of poetry books and traveled to Europe. He lives in New Jersey near Philadelphia, in same house since 1985, and was born near there. His books number eleven.

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ISBN: 9781957582726
ISBN-10: 1957582723
Publisher: West Point Print and Media LLC
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2022
Pages: 68
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